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There is a stigma associated with having bipolar disorder. There’s no denying it. Glenn Close and others are working to fight it, and I thank them.

If you’re a brave leader in fighting stigma, like Kay Redfield Jameson, I congratulate … Continue

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4 Easy Ways to Clean Up Mood Messes

Mood Episodes Leave Messes in Their Wake

Sometimes, when we’re manic or depressed, we can be insensitive. I mean, even more insensitive than we might ordinarily be. I was thinking about the hurt feelings that the people closest to me began to take out of closet in … Continue

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7 Defensive Steps to Take Immediately When Mania Hits

1. Call Your Prescribing Doctor.

It may be time for a medication adjustment. Perhaps a little higher dose of Lithium of time to add another mood stabilizer or anti-manic medication that your doctor can call into your local pharmacy. Perhaps … Continue

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Do You Have Children? A Bipolar Mom’s Story

Nice Family
Do you have children? Do you want to have children if you don’t yet?

I have children. They’re the best!

I didn’t know I had Bipolar Disorder when I had them but if I had known, would it have been … Continue

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Your parents were wrong. You are enough.

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Sometimes, it’s never quite enough…
If you’re flawless, then you’re in my love.
Don’t forget to win first place.
Don’t forget to keep that smile on your face.
Be a good boy.
Try a little

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How To Be Too Productive

woman.reading.tablet1-282x195Productivity. Just the word makes me smile. Yes, I admit it. I’m a productivity junkie. When the other women at the nail salon are watching Ellen and reading worn-out beauty magazines, I’m on my tablet reading productivity blogs. “You’re Continue

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Bipolar Disorder and Trauma: A Story

For Some, It Started Young

She was six when her parents recall expecting her to help out with all the work that came from having a father and mother who worked full-time, a baby brother with autism, and full-time school … Continue

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