Want to Know the Future of Your Bipolar Disorder?

Want to know your future? The future course of your bipolar illness? Will you struggle more with mania or more with depression? Come into my incense filled room, draped in silk scarves and I will tell you. Yes, right here … Continue

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7 Defensive Steps to Take Immediately When Mania Hits

1. Call Your Prescribing Doctor.

It may be time for a medication adjustment. Perhaps a little higher dose of Lithium of time to add another mood stabilizer or anti-manic medication that your doctor can call into your local pharmacy. Perhaps … Continue

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After the Episodes, Who Are You?

The Many "True Selves" of Bipolar Disorder

The Many “True Selves” of Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder relatively late in life… around 35. Not long after my diagnosis, I had to switch medications and everything fell apart: a bankruptcy, despite earning nearly $1M in … Continue

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How Many Meds Do You Take?

Have you noticed that at gatherings of people with bipolar disorder, that’s a common introductory question, along with “what’s your diagnosis?” It’s a way to¬†gauge how seriously bipolar the other person is and, for once in a bipolar person’s … Continue

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Bipolar Disorder and Trauma: A Story

For Some, It Started Young

She was six when her parents recall expecting her to help out with all the work that came from having a father and mother who worked full-time, a baby brother with autism, and full-time school … Continue

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