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There is a stigma associated with having bipolar disorder. There’s no denying it. Glenn Close and others are working to fight it, and I thank them.

If you’re a brave leader in fighting stigma, like Kay Redfield Jameson, I congratulate … Continue

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Depression May Be Treated Effectively Much Quicker

Depression sucks.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide so there is a lot of incentive to find ways to treat it among medical technology researchers. Our current treatment protocol for depression can only be called (lengthy) trial and … Continue

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5 Easy Steps to Maintain Stability

If you could choose, you might pick slight hypomania. But slight hypomania is not a stable condition. It leads to more hypomania. And strong hypomania leads to depression. That’s the problem with bipolar disorder: mania almost always leads to depression.… Continue

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Mood Swings Destroy Your Performance Level; Are You Back Now?

The highly qualified and warm PhD with years of experience in researching and treating bipolar disorder continued: “Most people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, once stabilized, do not return to their previous level of functioning.

OMG! What a punch … Continue

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Recognize Your Brain is Running Old Software

Yesterday I went for a walk outside by myself. “Big deal” is what most people would say. But it’s not something I’ve done since my diagnosis changed from panic disorder to bipolar disorder to bipolar disorder with treatment-resistant depression. Everyone … Continue

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Bipolar Disorder and Trauma: A Story

For Some, It Started Young

She was six when her parents recall expecting her to help out with all the work that came from having a father and mother who worked full-time, a baby brother with autism, and full-time school … Continue

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