How to Find Joy in a Psychiatric Hospital

Last Friday, in a desperate attempt to blunt pain that I believed I could not bear, I intentionally took way too much of a toxic medication. Enough to easily kill me.
Why didn’t I die?

Because other people thought my … Continue

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Free Bipolar Documents – Which Do You Want?

Dear Readers,

I want to know what you think. Yes, you there, woman reading on your iPad. And, you, over there… the one on the iMac. And, yes, you too… the guy on the Android tablet. And, all the rest … Continue

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Disclosing Bipolar: When? Where? Why?

Personal Information
To disclose or not to disclose: sometimes it’s hard to know. When in a dating relationship do you tell that special someone that you have bipolar disorder? Do you tell your colleagues at work? Do you let it leak onto Continue

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Have Bipolar Data At Your Fingertips

Do you often forget where you saw or heard something about bipolar disorder later, when you want to tell someone else about it?

Do you wish you had a better memory for all things bipolar so you could cite studies … Continue

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When Manic, I’m Never Present

Very busy business
When I’m manic it’s always the next moment inside my head. I’m never actually where I am; only where I will be soon.

It was only when I became depressed that I learned that this isn’t just the way people … Continue

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3 Truths You Must Remember When You’re Depressed

Just Three

Just Three

I know that when you’re depressed a long blog post is hard to read. So I offer just 3 facts for you to remember and come back to again and again during your depressive episode.

1) It’s temporary. … Continue

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Forgiveness is Easier Than I Thought

Forgiveness“Finally my mind caught up with my mouth…My apoplexy ceased. My fury lost its redness. And, for the first time that trip, I really took [my parents] in: Dad’s once-chiseled face, collapsing with age. Mom’s hair, pinned up in a Continue

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