Guaranteed Smiles… Pictures From Your New Friends

Sometimes, when you’re feeling lonely… Or even when you’re fine… It’s nice to hear from other people with mental illnesses who have walked through dark valleys like you have and who have kept walking until they felt the sun on … Continue

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Don’t Let a Few Bad Days Become a Lifelong Depression

No Exit from Lifelong Depression

No Exit from Lifelong Depression

Have you ever had that feeling… That feeling that you don’t remember when your down mood began and don’t have much hope for it ever ending? That belief that you’ve always felt that way and Continue

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4 Easy Ways to Clean Up Mood Messes

Mood Episodes Leave Messes in Their Wake

Sometimes, when we’re manic or depressed, we can be insensitive. I mean, even more insensitive than we might ordinarily be. I was thinking about the hurt feelings that the people closest to me began to take out of closet in … Continue

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How To Be Too Productive

woman.reading.tablet1-282x195Productivity. Just the word makes me smile. Yes, I admit it. I’m a productivity junkie. When the other women at the nail salon are watching Ellen and reading worn-out beauty magazines, I’m on my tablet reading productivity blogs. “You’re Continue

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You Can Do Anything

Someone was hurt before you,

wronged before you,

hungry before you,

frightened before you,

beaten before you,

humiliated before you,

raped before you… yet,

someone survived…

You can do anything you choose to do.

— Maya Angelou

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