Want to Know the Future of Your Bipolar Disorder?

Want to know your future? The future course of your bipolar illness? Will you struggle more with mania or more with depression? Come into my incense filled room, draped in silk scarves and I will tell you. Yes, right here and now. In this blog post.

Tell me whether your very first episode was manic or depressive.

Believe it or not, that’s all I need to know to predict your future.

Researchers in the U.K. have found that people with an initial depressive episode typically have an earlier age of illness onset and mostly depressive episodes during their lives. Unfortunately for these poor souls, their depressive episodes may tend to be more severe. On the lucky side, they’re less likely to experience psychosis.

If your first episode was manic, you’re more likely to have been diagnosed a little later in life, may have more manic episodes than someone whose first episode was depressive, may have milder depressions and may experience more psychosis.

I said “may” because these are findings of averages. And bipolar disorder is notoriously unique from person to person. So don’t take away any conclusions about yourself from this study. You know you best. And no one perfectly fits the “average” profile.